Monday, April 2, 2012

CCC Recognition Day

CCC Recognition Day on Saturday, March 31st was a great success! We had a packed house for the presentations and lots of visitors to the event. It was wonderful to share the story of the CCC with so many. We even had two CCC enrollees grace us with their presence! I want to acknowledge all those who participated in and helped me coordinate the event:

William Ascarza, who brought his Arizona history publications
Colossal Cave Mountain Park
Southwest Conservation Corps
Bob Audretsch, author and CCC historian
Mike Smith, CCC historian and blogger
Van Fowers, living history presenter and collector of all kinds of cool, old kitchen equipment
Sharon Hunt, CCC historian and author and photo buff
Steven Purkiss, Park Guide, National Park Service, Chircahua National Monument

Mike Smith, who spoke on mayhem, accidents, and deaths in the CCC
Bob Audretsch, who spoke on the CCC at the Grand Canyon
Sharon Hunt, who spoke on the CCC in St. David and Patagonia
Van Fowers, who gave a living history presentation as a CCC cook
Phil Smith, who spoke on the CCC in Tucson Mountain Park
Martie Maierhauser, who spoke on the CCC at Colossal Cave

The families of CCC enrollees Merle Timblin (Melissa), Elson Alvarez (Martha, Al, and Sylvia), and Jack Griffin (Silas).

The rangers of Saguaro National Park West who provided help with coordinating the event, videotaped the event, helped with the computer setup, hauled tables and display screens, and were wonderful in answering questions before and at the event.

And most of all Elson and Merle, who entertained us all with stories of their lives in the CCC.

Next year is the 80th anniversary of the founding of the CCC, and I hope to have a grand celebration of that event next year. The event webpage <> will contain information on plans for next year.

In the meantime, if you have questions or information to share, please contact us through the webpage.

Sharon Hunt