Monday, March 5, 2012

CCC Recognition Day

Things are coming together for CCC Recognition Day, which will be held from 9-5 on March 31 at Saguaro National Park West. The Arizona Daily Star had an article somewhat about the event in the 3/4 newspaper. I say somewhat because the article really didn't address what is happening with the event or recognize people responsible for bringing it together or the people that it's all about. So, in honor of Recognition Day, I want to make sure the following individuals and groups receive recognition as integral contributors to the event:

The CCC Legacy, esp. President Joan Sharpe
The Southwest Conservation Corps, particularly Jean, Holly, and Kamilia
The Benson, AZ, Museum
The St. David Heritage and Cultural Society
The speakers, particularly those who are traveling long distances to be here: Bob Audretsch, Mike Smith
Van Fowers
Colossal Cave Mountain Park
The Saguaro National Park West administration

The CCC enrollees and families who are planning to attend and have shared their stories and photos or the event  (I'll keep their names private because I haven't asked them for permission to mention their names but they are what this event is all about)

The event has been designated an Arizona Centennial Legacy Project.

The event webpage has a list of speakers and other event information:

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