Monday, May 7, 2012

Third Annual Civilian Conservation Corps Recognition Day Wrap-Up

Civilian Conservation Corps Recognition Day: “Honoring the Work of the CCC in Arizona and throughout the Country,” March 31, 2012, Tucson, AZ

The Third Annual Civilian Conservation Corps Recognition Day (CCCRD) was held on March 31, 2012 at Saguaro National Park West in Tucson, AZ. This all-day event honored the work of the CCC and shared the stories of the CCC boys and their work. It was designated an Arizona Centennial Legacy Project, as part of the celebration of the state’s centennial. The event was a collaborative effort, involving the following organizations: CCC Legacy; Chiricahua National Monument; Colossal Cave Mountain Park; Saguaro National Park; San Pedro Valley Arts and Historical Society, Benson; the Southwest Conservation Corps; and WordHunting, LLC.

The event saw more than 800 attendees, who were able to meet CCC personnel and families, view photo displays, talk to CCC historians and authors, tour a nearby CCC camp site, listen to presentations, watch films on the CCC, and speak with representatives of the participating organizations.

Speakers for the event were Robert W. “Bob” Audrestch, an expert and author on the CCC in Northern Arizona and at the Grand Canyon, who spoke on the CCC at Grand Canyon; Mike Smith, president of the Phoenix chapter of the national CCC Legacy organization and writer of several blogs on the CCC in Arizona, who spoke on CCC accidents and deaths; Phil Brown, a park ranger at Saguaro National Park, who spoke on the CCC in the Tucson Mountains; Martie Maierhauser, director of Colossal Cave Mountain Park, who spoke on the CCC at Colossal Cave; and Sharon Hunt, who maintains a blog on the CCC in Southern Arizona and writes on the CCC at Colossal Cave, St. David, and Patagonia and on the Southern Arizona CCC camp newspapers, who spoke on the CCC at Colossal Cave and on the CCC Soil Conservation Service camps in St. David and Patagonia. Van Fowers did a living history presentation on the life of a CCC cook, and the Southwest Conservation Corps spoke on the work of this organization. Phi Brown led tours of the nearby site of CCC Camp SP-6-A.

For more information on the event, including plans for next year’s event, please contact Sharon E. Hunt, Coordinator of CCC Recognition Day, WordHunting, LLC,

Al Alvarez, son of Elson; Elson Alvarez, CCC enrollee and LEM at St. David and Patagonia, AZ; and speaker Michael I. Smith at Third Annual CCCRD

 CCC Recognition Day coordinator Sharon E. Hunt talks to event attendees.

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