Monday, May 20, 2013

A Public Relations Move Gone Awry

I was talking with my dear CCC friend Merle last night, and he told me a funny story about Thanksgiving Day 1939 at the camp in Nogales. The CCC camps strived to keep good relations with the people in the surrounding areas, and it was not unusual for the CCC to invite locals to camp for special dinners. Some of the boys from the Nogales camp marched in the Thanksgiving Day parade in Nogales, and the local dignitaries, including the mayor and his wife, were invited back to camp to share a Thanksgiving feast with the boys. The highlight of the meal was the ice cream served as dessert. Unfortunately, the ice cream had melted earlier that day and the cooks decided to refreeze it without telling anyone. The end result? Everyone in the camp, and the guests of honor from Nogales, came down with food poisoning!

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