Thursday, January 31, 2013

I've been researching the CCC camp newspapers for a presentation I'm giving at the Arizona History Convention in April. These newspapers were an important part of the CCC program, helping teach literacy to the enrollees and building camp spirit. Best of all, they were written by the CCC boys themselves, so they offer a valuable glimpse into their lives as told from their point of view. I'm having fun seeing some of the names they choose for their newspapers:

Arizona nightingale (San Simon)
Bonita Canyon echoes (Douglas)
Graham kracker (Willcox)
Sandblast Echo (Bowie)
You Name It (Fort Huachuca)
Cactizonian (Tucson)
Cactus Bites (Safford)
Desert Dreamer (Fort Thomas)
Rocklayers Herald (Duncan)
Lone Beaver (Flagstaff)

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