Sunday, January 27, 2013

National History Day and the CCC

I spent the day last Monday with my delightful CCC enrollee friend, Elson Alvarez. I was contacted a few months ago by some middle school students who were working on a presentation about the CCC for National History Day, a nationwide contest where students conduct research on a historical topic and then present their work in regional and, ultimately, a national competition (see for more details). The students who contacted me were doing a performance about the CCC. I was able to arrange a meeting with Elson, thanks to his lovely children, and the girls and Elson spent several hours talking to each other about the CCC. It was a wonderful thing to see the legacy of the CCC continued, and I believe that the girls were thrilled to meet Elson, who is a living history treasure. The girls will be giving their presentation on the CCC at CCC Recognition Day at Saguaro National Park West on April 13, 2013 (

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